“I felt so comfortable with Katarzyna. I was able to experience visions I would never think I could or would do. To have the chance to talk about the things that have happened in my life and to understand why these took place a little better has been cathartic. I felt secure + safe – and feel my Reiki path has only just started. I am excited about taking my next steps… Katherine.”

What do we master in Reiki? Everyone can receive a diploma – but what have we earned to pass on to others? When artists master their practice and embrace their own way in the process, they become masters of craft. It’s like that in Reiki too. And it takes time, dedication and will. More importantly, everyone needs an individually tailored process to achieve that level of growth. Because Reiki is a healing practice and a Way of Life. And that is how Mikao Usui trained his students too – to make them feel whole.

Course in Creation Reiki Master

Our Reiki Master Degree prepares us to embrace our part in the events that happen in our lives. It’s a path of co-creation, interaction and Love – we never knew existed. We become masters of ourselves, of our lives and we can lead by example.

Part of our training is completing Case Studies on different types of Reiki treatments and/or energy practices you’ve learned on Level 1 and 2, to enhance your competences, broaden your experience and grow confidence in your abilities. The purpose of this is purely learning and growing to become a real Reiki Master.

We offer Reiki Non-Teaching Master course and Reiki Master/Teacher. And an individual training for current Reiki Masters, who would like to start teaching.

The Reiju Empowerments – high vibrational Attunements (Initiations) – raise our personal energy to the master level and activate the Reiki Master Symbol. Once reawakened, the Energy stays with us for life. 

If you have been attuned to Reiki before and you’d like to bring your vibration higher or you feel “something is missing” in the way you were initiated, this Reiki Initiation course might be just what you’re innerly looking for. 



Transformational course, run over 3 – 6 months with both regular meetings (online or face-to-face) and homestudy. Designed specifically for those who are interested to take Reiki to its final level, consciously embody energy laws in life, and to receive and learn to use the Master’s symbol. 


Our Teacher training runs over 6 – 12 months and includes the Reiki 3 Non-Teaching course, with additional assignments and exercises. Completion of this training allows teachers to teach all levels of Reiki, perform correct Initiation and hold the space for their students.

 Course includes a comprehensive training manual & Master Level diploma.

Following the guided self-study part there is the traditional 2-day Initiation workshop.

Face-to-face Reiki Master Initiation is a 2 day course, approx 6 hours per day

We offer Teacher Training for current Reiki Masters including 2-day Initiation Workshop

You might be interested in additional Reiki Attunement to strengthen your Energy.

You might also be interested in Plant Healing, DNA Coaching or Crystal Healing Training.

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