“The DNA Coaching session with Katarzyna was great. She really listened and gave me a safe and comfortable space to be vulnerable. She helped me to address and move forward from my negative feelings. I highly recommend Katarzyna to anyone looking for healing.

Katarzyna is a patient, gentle and kind soul who really listens and gives excellent insight and advice. She is compassionate with her clients, really understands them well and provides great support, encouragement and advice to them.”  Julie Elves, Fear and Self-esteem Specialist

Are you really yourself? Or are you still living your life to someone else’s standards? Because time is running out. And we all have our own story to write.  We all have within us a seed of Consciousness of individual frequency and with unique purpose, waiting to be embodied. If you feel yours is not fully expressed, use our DNA Coaching programme to release it.

Our signature DNA Coaching programme helps to:

– uncover underlying currents in your personality

– start healing from childhood and adult trauma

– trace the influencers who “made you”

– realise your life lessons

– embody your true nature, you were born to become

Course in Creation DNA Coaching

13 weeks DNA Coaching Programme

12 weekly meetings x 30min + Final Session

Over the 12 weeks you will become skilled in soul-searching and shadow work, in letting go and forgiveness, in empathy and compassion, in listening with all your senses and knowing when the mind is trying to trick you.

You will become skilled in knowing the truth.

For emotional and mental health support we recommend Reiki and Crystal Energy  or Plant Healing treatments and courses.

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