“Something very interesting happened today. Earlier I went for a walk around the neighbourhood, immediately turned out of the house and there was a cat looking right at me! After about 20-25 I took a little break, sat down a while where there was another sitting directly opposite me.

I sent it positive Reiki energy this white / ginger cat continued just looking at me and purring. I intentionally kept my vibration up some of the techniques we have been doing, then got feeling I should look to the left. There was another cat at the driveway, then another cat in the window of next house, surrounded by cats all staring at me!

After a while I waved them ‘bye bye’ and walked a bit more before stopping another of my favourite places to sit. Guess what, another cat looking right at my as well as a dog the window of a neighbouring house! Never had this happen before, I guess they were drawn to something in me! Matthew, Reiki 1 Practitioner

The Reiki Initiation has ignited within me passion to truly embrace myself and all that I am. To nurture Self-Love, Compassion and empathy for myself and others. And to celebrate and nurture and accept the healer that I have discovered within. To say that I am grateful, overflowing with gratitude for all that I have learned just isn’t enough. Thank you Katarzyna with all that I am, Lauren.

There is Reiki (Universal Energy) and Reiki Healing System (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki)  – and here you will learn and practice both. More importantly, you will learn more about yourself, your spiritual gifts, and your way of working with Energy. As well as the true history of Reiki Ryoho, the truth about it’s founder Mikao Usui, and original practices that were lost in many Reiki Lineages.

If you have been attuned to Reiki before and you’d like to bring your vibration higher or you feel “something is missing” in the way you were initiated, this Reiki Initiation course might be just what you’re innerly looking for.

Course in creation Reiki 1 Attunement

Reiki 1st Degree is the foundation for our Personal – Spiritual – Conscioussness development, Self-Healing and professional practice. So that you could do the Reiki Treatment, be able to build and cultivate energy, and treat yourself, as well as other people, with confidence in your abilities. 

The Reiju Empowerments – high vibrational Attunements (Initiations) – raise our personal energy, reopen our subtle energy pathways and activate the flow of Reiki in us. Once reawakened, the Energy stays with us for life. For many people it feels like coming home.


Reiki 1 Attunement Course offers: 4 x Reiju Empowerment, Introduction Reiki Energy, Subtle human Energy Fields and Systems, Usui Shiki Ryoho Legend and History, Giving and receiving a Reiki Treatment – both seated and lay down, Self-Healing Practice. Western and Japanese Meditation, Universal Chakra systems, Esoteric Guidance and Intuitive work, Energy of Thoughts and Intention, Grounding, Cleansing – Level 1, Protection – Level 1, Reiki Principles and Mindfulness, Energy Exchange and professional practice, Level 1 Diploma

 Course includes a comprehensive training manual & Level 1 diploma.

Reiki 1 Attunement Course takes approx. 12 hours to complete over 2 days or more.

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