REIKI for children


Are you raising a special child? Reiki for Children has the potential of healing, opening and reconnecting.  In reality it is never about the age or the size, but about what is going in our hearts, that determines how much Energy we need. Sometimes we miss the connection to each other and ourselves. Sharing energy is a wonderful experience and a new way to connect with and feel closer to each other. 

Reiki Attunement gives children an energetic First Aid Kit in the palms of the hands, highly beneficial for stress, worry and physical injuries. Additionally it’s such a fun way of learning about Gaia – Mother Earth, Energy, Breath, Water and the Universal Energy.

 Through the guided meditations and joyful activity sessions kids can learn from an early age how to connect themselves to their Inner Wisdom and to try to focus on happy thoughts and positive feelings. It’s a wonderful, radiant course with active, experiential parts, so that children can learn to feel the vibration and become aware of the energy in their environment.

 This workshop can be run indoors or outdoors and tailored to run on festivals. 


 Course includes our unique Reiki Workbook for Children & Reiki diploma.

Face-to-face Reiki workshop takes usually 2 – 4 days, approx 3 – 6 hours per day.

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