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“… so many people out there doing such great work that we can tap into add to our healing process. Especially interesting is the body / mind connection discussed in one of today’s seminars on somatic presentation of trauma in long covid which I can relate to.

The high sensitivity to stimulus and overactive nervous system which I can say Reiki has particularly helped  me with.” Matthew

Reiki, from Japanese, means Universal (Rei) Life Force (Ki).  It is not a religion or dogma, it is pure Energy known for centuries to many cultures and these days also to science as Tachyon. It flows through our subtle energy fields and pathways in the body. When the flow of it is blocked, our vibration changes and decreases, and we experience low mood, mental discomfort or physical illness. Reiki Treatments and Initiations aid recovery, vitality and mental and emotional wellbeing. Everyone can learn to use it.


“The Lifeforce Project supports people who are aiming for or who are in recovery from substance misuse. As such we are always looking to signpost participants towards new activities which may support them in their recovery.

Katarzyna was kind enough to take part in our mindfulness and well being day on 22nd June 2018. First of all she gave us an interesting talk on the types of healing that she carries out. Katarzyna told us about her background, some of the difficulties she had to face and how this led her to seek healing through Reiki and other therapies. it was fascinating to hear how her life path then led her to train in these therapies in order to help others.

After the talk, participants were invited to receive an individual short session of Reiki. Katarzyna was softly spoken and attentive throughout. Quite a few people took part and many said that they felt immediate benefit which resulted in them feeling calmer and relaxed. One participant felt mentally stronger and quite euphoric after her session. All in all it was a successful visit and quite a few participants stated that they would like to investigate this type of healing therapy further as they had found it very helpful.

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equally effective on a distance & IN PERSON

Receiving initiation, training and healing from Katarzyna has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She has a gentle and loving approach to energy work which I deeply appreciate. I feel very grateful for being taught how to activate my body’s natural healing energies and to really listen to what I need. Reiki is an amazing gift for this life, which has affected my relationship with myself and others. After working on healing my inner child,  I have felt a softening around interactions with my father and brother, allowing me to show and acknowledge deep love between us.  Chris Moore

Today Reiki is widely used as a complementary healing system – a non-invasive, hands-on or distant holistic therapy, also in medical world (hospitals, clinics etc.) to support recovery. It is often used to complement Crystal Healing and other treatments. It supports all areas – strengthening the body, calming down the mind, comforting emotionally. Here are some examples of what Reiki can help with:

Addictions, Stress, Mental Health problems, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma

Vitality, Relaxation, Physical Recovery and Healing, strengthening Immune System

Peace of Mind, Sense of Inner Balance and Harmony, Clarity, Inner Strength

Lost Purpose in Life, Sense of Loneliness, Grief, Loss, Life Changes  

Understanding the Purpose of Life Events,  Self-Love, Acceptance, Difficult Decisions

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distant healing & IN PERSON

“I felt a physical & mental difference through Reiki. Being a sceptic I usually need to experience something to believe it, I’ve now changed my views on Reiki and how powerful it can actually be”  EQ, Social Work Team, St. Joseph’s Hospice, London, 2017

Reiki can be used face-to-face or distantly for treatments as well as Initiations.  Both the treatments and Initiations are safe for adults, children and babies, during pregnancy and in any physical condition. Also during medical treatments including chemo- and radiotherapy, and post-operative. Reiki can be used as complementary to any conventional medical healthcare, natural remedies, and holistic therapies, for a wide range of physical pains, ailments and disease. It can help bring the body and mind back to balance.

Our guidelines based on years of observation:

  • 1x 1 hour treatment – experience Reiki, work out some problems mentally, feel more relaxed and refreshed or remove unresolved emotions.
  • 1x 2 hour treatment – help reactivate the body’s natural ability to heal physical pains and illness, dissolve energy blocks and can help with feeling fatigued or overwhelmed.
  • A block of treatments works well to detox and re-balance, very effective for long covid symptoms and fatigue. 

To be independent of other Reiki practitioners you can learn to use Reiki and start your own self-treatments. The fastest and most effective way is to be attuned to Reiki on an Initiation course. 

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reiki initiation courses ONLINE & IN PERSON

Thank you for your help in paving the way, in understanding myself and for the wonderful time, cleansing and strengthening during the course.  Karolina

Our Initiation Courses offer you a chance to learn the traditional Japanese Meditation and energy practices, together with modern developments and research evidence. The Esoteric Guidance reveals the answers to questions you might have had, and your unique life path. You become a certified practitioner on each level, and you can treat other people professionally already on Level 1 due to high vibrational Attunements. 

If you have been attuned to Reiki before and you’d like to bring your vibration higher or you feel “something is missing” in the way you were attuned,  the Initiation in my Reiki line might be just what you’re innerly looking for.

Reiki has been known to other cultures as Prana, Ki or Chi. Science calls it Tachyon Energy. The Energy itself is not a religion or dogma and it exists independently of any authority figures, schools, systems, faiths or philosophies. It flows through everything that is alive, also through us. Reiki can be used in many different ways for our own healing, vitality and wellbeing and to help others.  

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