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It has been wonderful to spend these two days in your presence. Thank you for revealing the magical side of this world and our life to me once again – I will walk through life hearing the shower of golden energy sparks in my ears. Ruta

Activation, Initiation or Attunement, is a tremendous yet gentle Energy Boost.  They are also called energetic empowerments, because your vibration goes up instantly. This happens through the energy law of entrainment – you attune yourself to the vibration of the teacher. It is only possible when the teacher has embodied higher frequencies. It is sharing the energy – vibration – frequency. So it is important who we attune ourselves to.  

 The different Activations that we offer here are all tailored to your vibration, physical condition and age. And they are offered on a distance and in person – the energetic effects have proven to be both the same. 


We know that Reiki Master Mikao Usui and other practitioners have been giving regular Empowerments to Reiki students at the end of their gatherings. It took Mikao Usui many years to raise his vibration by himself through discipline, learning and energy work. He then started sharing his higher vibration through Reiju Empowerments. It saved his students’ time and raise their vibration higher instantly. 

Correctly performed Attunements bring our energy higher, help us grow our Consciousness, and allow us to practice Reiki to our full potential on each level of Reiki. These Attunements (Activations), as you hopefully experienced during your Reiki Initiation, are profound moments, uniquely experienced by each one of us.


Two most important energy streams are Earthly and Universal, we need both to keep our physical body healthy, stay grounded and keep growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s also important for feeling Oneness – Christ Conscoiusness, with Earth Collective and the Greater Whole – the Universe. And even though we know these things in our heads, embodying them in daily life becomes difficult sometimes.

The Grounding Attunement brings us closer to Mother Earth instantly. The Earth Energy, Mother Earth, Gaia, also called Our Lower Self, has to do with our physicality and our 3D life on Earth. It supports our physical health, recovery, vitality and mental and emotional wellbeing. We can connect to it in many different ways – through Forest Bathing,  Schumann Resonance, through water, and instantly through the Attunements.

Connection with the Earth, the Blue Planet, is the first step in spiritual evolution. We need to be grounded and present first here in our lives and Earth’s reality, to be able to embody higher frequencies. 

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