Holistic healing training ONLINE & IN PERSON

Some years ago I met Katarzyna on a vegan event in Manchester. I felt a connection with her and she showed me how I can feel the energy. After years I had a calling to call her for an Energy Course – Initiation. One of my best decisions! She taught me more about Reiki and how to work with it. I am grateful to her and her devotion to her life path. Thank you for this kind soul. Thank you Katarzyna. Lots of Love, Dom

Learn to generate a powerful coherent Heart-Mind Field to promote healing through deep relaxation and decreased stress & inflammation. Unquestionably the Power of Love and Prayer, Heart – Brain Coherence, or Power of the Mind have been known and used for centuries by highly trained healers, shamans, yogis and other people, to perform healing & life miracles. But our Energy Course is not an ancient mystery, only science and biology.

When you find yourself in the same space (beyond time and physical distance) with a person who mastered these techniques, and who is open to share this vibration with you, your learning and abilities accelerate at the speed of Light! – and we’ve demonstrated this throughout our workshops over and over again. 

Our Energy Course is all about manifesting a powerful coherent Heart-Mind Field and becoming an Energy Worker aware of yourself and confident in your abilities. Additionally, it prepares you to fully embody your individual talents and skills in your crystal work. And we will train you to use it all in Reiki, with Crystal Energy or Plant Healing and with any other modality you practice. It’s also a crucial element in manifestation practices, but that training builds on all the skills you learn here.

Basically, we focus on Emotional Release, Healing for the Mind and Healing of Physical Body, but the potential is limitless with every technique. 

BENEFITS of our energy course:

– activating self-healing processes in the body and mind
– overcoming long-lasting conditions and procrastination

– sense of empowerment, belonging and freedom

Our courses and Initiations, are offered online and in person. Each course comes with a manual, and a diploma or a certificate. We teach as a blend of traditional elements, sometimes ancient knowledge, using modern language with scientific evidence or research, where possible.

You will have the opportunity to experience the Energy, ask questions and practice enough to be comfortable to use new skills after the training. With over 10 years energy healing and teaching experience Katarzyna intuitively attunes to each person to create safe space for sharing knowledge and energy.

Click on the title below to find out more about our Courses and Initiations:

REIKI 1, REIKI 2, Reiki Master Course

“I did a very powerful self Reiki this morning and hopefully another one tonight. So far haven’t really ‘felt it’ but this today was very focused and it was very powerful! Warm sensations, to tingling fingers, tears pouring down my face..  I really got it this morning with calm mind and clear focus. I could feel the vibrations coming from my hands and energising the body from top to bottom, very nice.” MT  



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